On the Axis

of Sitraxis

Hey there!

Here on the axis you can find the websites I’ve built. A majority of these are little dreams I had since I was a teen. Please, make yourself at home and enjoy your visit!

Sitraxis Portfolio
Made in Sitraxis Online Art Shop
On the Axis Website Network
Dicesuki Indie Game Development
Locked Heart Otome Game
Cinderella Phenomenon Otome Game
Evermore Otome Game
Seelie Tales Fairytale Genshin Zine
Allure III Fire Emblem Fragrance Zine
DGS Countdown Ace Attorney Fan Countdown
Ice Prism OTP Shrine
??? WooCommerce Tutorial
??? Business Cards
??? Mega Profile
??? OC archives

What's new?

New Artwork
June 9th, 2021 Sitraxis

Found some time to draw myself in the midst of my work! It feels great~

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What's all this?

On the Axis is a website I've always wanted to make. I've been inspired by Lysianthus' work after stumbling upon her websites back in 2013. The idea of a collective fascinated me, and I just found myself clicking away only to find more and eventually drive me to make one of my own. I used to have similar websites that I wanted to be a hub for everything from a gallery of all that I craft, a wall of website banners, and a domain for my characters and projects. When that’s put into consideration, On the Axis used to be known as chocobits (2010) and Sitraxis (2013). Though the latter was an informal version of my portfolio.

The website name is a play on my internet handle, Sitraxis. Taking axis to emphasize the website's function on a network and presto! I got a name! To be fair, when I first came up with the name, I believe I wanted it to be for my upcoming original characters database since they're always on the axis ...of my mind. (Get it?) I finally bought the domain on February 19, 2018 shortly after confessing to Lysianthus that I’ve been wanting to make a networking site for a while because of Asclaria. Though, this wasn't fully developed until May 2020.


The characters featured on the layout are Atrix and Lunarix from my story, Veiled. Atrix is unable to fly by herself due to the size of her wings so Lunarix would help her up and go on a nightly flight with her. The two of them are childhood friends and inspire each other to their best in their jobs as angels. I wanted to give it a feeling of lift-off thus I made their illustration upside-down.


I go by Tris, Trissia or Sitraxis. I'm a freelance UI Designer for visual novels and RPGs on most days and create merchandise on the side. Somewhere in there is a procrastinating artist and a professional punner.* My schedule is as busy as the scatterbrained person that I am.

Websites have been my first love and my interest in it has delved me into branching out my skills to programming and graphic design. I wouldn't be where I am without my passionate affinity for it.

*Because Tajina told me to put this.


The key visual was illustrated using Clip Studio Paint and the iPad Pro. Graphics and layout assets have been created and assembled using Photoshop CC. Outgoing link banners have been made with the web assets of the websites they belong to. No copyright infringement was intended.